the Everyday

Patrick Thomas Workshop

MDE 18

Documenting the Everyday
The aim of the workshop was to develop research, editing and design skills. Participants had to identify and document a subject found within a given (500m) radius of Elisava. They were expected to deliver a 12–24 page publication produced using a combination of a minimum of three print techniques: Risograph, laser prints, rubber stamps, collage, etc.

It was a project about experimentation, observation and local discovery—finding beauty in and celebrating the ordinary.
It culminated in an exhibition of the finished publications with accompanying promotional posters.

Álvaro Fernández

Anna Paredes

Clara Pesanha

Claudia Capdevila

Claudia Rizo

Daniel Senior

Edisson Zhinin

Felipe Nogueira

Helena Corredera

Jay Darvishian

María Camila Alfonso

María Mazzanti

María Villamil

Natalia Rey

Olga Pipnik

Rita Bravo

Roberta de Cristofaro

Valerio Monopoli

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