Sense Préssec

Guillermo Barbi
Florencia Cufré
Adolfo Herrero

MDG 17
Master Projects

The brief proposed to create a sustainable project, which had a positive impact in society by solving a problem, and also have an impact in the wellness of society and the environment.
Sense Préssec is a fresh organic fruit & vegetable distribution chain trough vending machines placed in Barcelona’s metro lines. It proposes a new relationship between the metro users and the consumption of fresh produce.

We define the user as a conscious commuter, they move trough an urban environment and uses public transport services, they use new technologies and actively searches for ways to improve their daily routine and in consequence their health. They are interested to move away from constantly being in a rush, eating fast foods, the artificial and unnecessary. 

Sense Préssec is available in train and metro stations throughout Barcelona (in the form of vending machines and our chain stores), also the service can be accessed trough it’s mobile app. The users select their order, coordinates the pick-up and they pick it on their way home. With Sense Préssec the users can place an order in their daily commute, optimizing time, resources and energy, whilst consuming fresh and locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

The main axis of the project its the misplacement, attitude and surprise. We use attractive and fresh visuals to express how its possible to get a healthy product in a simple and sustainable way. Sense Préssec is the direct opposite to fast and junk food. We are organic, locally sourced and sustainable. 

The identity is based in two elements, the logo: Sense Préssec expressed in typography made up from produce pieces and cuts, and strong background colors. The color palette is made up from solid colors extracted from different fruits and vegetables, they are in the saturated color spectrum so to let the logo shine. The system also has different textures made up from the logo’s components.

Florencia Cufré Meyer

Guillermo Barbi 

Adolfo Herrero Villanueva

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